Translate an Ebook into Other Language

As information stuffs our environment, and numerous languages are overwhelming our eyes.

We don’t read books in Spanish, Japanese, or Chinese, not only because we do not interest in them, but the cost of translating.

In the past, we should hire translators or even translation artists to transform the state of the information. But it will cost much less than old times, nearly to zero, exactly.

Because of Python and deepL.

Today, we are going to show the results that anyone can translate an English book to Chinese in an hour.

First one is an old book about new method to work out mathematic problems.

Example pages:

1. Content translated

2. Table translated

3. Picture copied

Read English-Chinese Translation: How to Solve it

In order to ease visual stress, I’ve darkened the base of the translation, but kept the original English texts and images. You can change the .css file to adjust the backgound colors. Remember, put two files intu one file folder, then you can modify them easily.

We’ll have a look at how to solve it in the next articles. See you.