About me


No one imaged a machine cat can took out of anything easily from his pocket and go everwhere conveniently from outer space to inner earth.


Doraemon is world-wide cartoon idol from many adults' childhood to old age. Nearly every child wishes to be accompanied by this big face along his or her childhood journey.

That’s where the this blog’s name comes: Doraemon’s Journey. This was a quest of a child who’s in a small cubby but aspires to sail away from the cage, although this boy is 37-year-old in 2022.

Hi, I’m Chris, A slow-speed boy, and still working for my-little-boy-era’s dream in a virtual world with my programming handicraft.

Nice to meet you here.

What can I do for you?

If you’d like to translate any books to any language, I can do it for you with a world famous tranlation engine: DeepL, automatically, usually in an hour.

If you’d finish a data analysis project, I can do it for you with my 3-year-old data analysis working experience in a credit-card data center.

if you’d want to build your personal library in the electronical world with a full text search engine, I can help for you. You can try the search function in the right-top search-box. Search some words you pick up randomly, and there are surprises.

In a word, I can save your time by tackling with the text processing for you. That’s just like Doraemonj’s pocket.

Have a wonderful journey~

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