Create random-color images with Python

How to paint different colors on canvas with Python? First of all, let’s

import two modules

1import random
2from PIL import Image 

We use module ramdon as a digit creator.

PIL is the de facto image process standard module in Python.

Create a single picture with a random color

1i = 0

This step will facilitate you to write the next iteration step.

You can easily change the ‘i=0’ line to ‘for i in range(10):’ and indent the following codes

Then, Set the RGB single color randomly

1color1 = random.randint(0,255)
2color2 = random.randint(0,255)
3color3 = random.randint(0,255)
4background_color = (color1, color2, color3)

Create a canvas with a specific color and a scale with 680 long × 200 width

1img_obj ='RGB', (680, 200), background_color)

Save the image

1with open("title_en_pic_{0:03d}.png".format(i+1), "wb") as f:
2, "png")

{0:03d} means use 0 to fill the number until 1 turn to three digits 001

We can see a random-color image in your default path: title_en_pic_001.png

Make 10 random-color images with an additional code:

Just change the line i = 0, and indent all the following lines:

 1# Change the below first line only:
 2for i in range(10):						
 4    # Set the RGB single color randomly
 5    color1 = random.randint(0,255)
 6    color2 = random.randint(0,255)
 7    color3 = random.randint(0,255)
 8    background_color = (color1, color2, color3)
10    # Create a canvas with a specific color and a scale with 680 long × 200 width
11    img_obj ='RGB', (680, 200), background_color)
13    # Save the image
14    with open("title_en_pic_{0:03d}.png".format(i+1), "wb") as f:
15, "png")

Ten pictures emerge in one second:


Source code download: